Abhimanyu Ji Portrait of a young man On   the   surface,   he   looks   young,   a   sportive   and   well   dressed man,   always   ready   to   smile   and   crack   a   joke. When   he   talks,   he suddenly   is   both:   young   and   old.   Equally   at   home   in   western and   eastern   ways   of   thinking,   he   is   an   essentially   modern   man. His    name    is    Abhimanyu,    Dr.    of    Psychology,    Master    in Philosophy.   When   you   share   his   company,   you   are   at   once   in this    wonderful    state    westerners    struggle    so    hard    and    so conceptionally   to   be   in:   the   present.   Here   and   Now.   This   state is healing, this state enables you to be your self.   When   he   talks,   he   will   open   eyes   and   ears   of   the   listener   to   the true    facts    that    are    deeply    rooted    in    any    human    being    but forgotten    or    hidden    under    the    concepts    and    the    stress    of everyday   live   in   any   western   civilisation.   In   simple   words   he talks   about   consciousness,   about   death   and   the   beauty   of   life. Listening   to   him   is   like   taking   away   a   darkening   veil   to   see clearly.   There   is   laughter   and   earnestness   in   the   air   around   him   and love    and    understanding.    No    matter    if    you    are    a    banker,    a doctor,    a    student    or    a    mother.    Whether    you    seek    advice, healing   or   a   clear   mind.   Abhimanyu   is   there   for   the   individual situation.   The   only   thing   you   have   to   do,   is   to   make   the   first step and come to see him here and now.